The country is a year away from the 2020 presidential election, yet some in the political chattering classes are fixated on “fixing” a field of Democratic candidates by adding even more of them to the mix.

This fix is needed in part, we are repeatedly told, because of poll numbers. No one candidate has a commanding lead, in the polls. Woe is us, the chatterers chat.

Perhaps there has been no breakout from the bunch because (a) the bunch is so big, and (b) no votes have yet been cast.

When New Hampshire casts those first votes in February (after Iowans have their caucus parties), that will be a more meaningful poll.

It will go a long way to clarifying, and reducing, the field of hopefuls. It may even offer up a couple of surprises, at least surprises for pundits and pols who are wedded to “the polls.”

We suspect that these folks are so scared that neither Biden, Bernie, nor Warren can beat President Trump that they are ignoring other candidates who may be able to win.

Perhaps New Hampshire voters, when they are allowed to vote, will show the way.