If guns cost a lot more money, only millionaires — and outlaws, of course — will have guns. And the millionaires may need them, because Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats are aiming to tax the rich for all manner of swell things.

U.S. Sen. Warren’s latest proposal, made right here in New Hampshire, has college tuition debt being forgiven for those who have already incurred it — and not charging tuition in the future. Instead, she says, we will just tax millionaires more.

Why do no candidates ever propose something really radical, and that would be making colleges and universities, public and private, justify their repeated hikes in tuition that have no relationship to inflation or anything else?

Meanwhile, New Jersey has a new Democrat as governor and he wants to end gun violence by charging people the highest costs in the nation to own a firearm — up to $550 when the permits to own and permits to carry are figured in.

That will put the poor people in their place. No guns for you! The rich will still be able to afford weapons, of course. And since restrictive gun laws have never stopped criminals, they, too, will acquire them. Utopia is near at hand.