It’s often wise to wait a bit before weighing in on what is being reported concerning what President Trump did or didn’t say in recorded phone calls with foreign leaders. (For example, despite Trump and some in the media referring to the “transcript” of his infamous Ukraine call, no verbatim transcript has been released.)

Now there’s talk that one of Trump’s phone talks with the current Red China boss may have had Trump saying he wouldn’t be publicly criticizing the situation in Hong Kong. We wouldn’t be surprised.

What is not open to speculation, however, is the sickening “best wishes” birthday greeting that Trump tweeted to the Communist overlords last week.

This was on the occasion marking 70 years since the butchers of Beijing took total control of mainland China.

Their rule has been marked by a savagery and iron-fisted tyranny rivaled only by Joseph Stalin’s reign in Russia. Indeed, Mao Zedong and his successors may have murdered far more than Stalin. They have also been as ruthless as the Soviets were in stamping out freedom of religion — a policy that continues to this day with the forced relocation of millions of minorities.

We wouldn’t expect Donald Trump to do something as bold as to denounce the Red Chinese on this occasion. But he could have done himself, and the watching world, a favor by saying nothing at all.