When Granite Staters think of, and perhaps pray for, the Randolph Seven and their families in the days and years ahead, they should include first responders as well.

There are many moving stories within and around the accident last Friday evening that took those seven lives. The cause for which they were riding, the memory of a fallen U.S. Marine, is one. The fact that several of them were also former Marines is another. The sheer number of lives taken and lives changed forever in an instant compounds the sorrow.

With all that, the police and rescue personnel who rushed to the carnage may be overlooked. Unlike the civilians who also came to help, and will be forever changed, police, fire, and rescue are professionals, even if some are volunteers or part time. They are trained to do this work. They have done it before.

But that doesn’t immunize them from what they saw and what they had to deal with. We are told that the scene was unimaginable. People who have dealt with such scenes before will now add this one to their list and know they will probably have to add more if they continue to do this work.

We are lucky that there are those who do this work. We thank them for their strength. We hope they know they are in the thoughts and prayers of many today.