Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to disappoint as he blows with the prevailing political wind of his party. It’s no way to win a general election.

First came his shameful backtracking on years of commitment to the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits the federal government from paying for abortions.

There was once consensus on this issue. Taxpayers who oppose abortion should not be forced to have their tax dollars used for the taking of innocent human life.

That was Biden’s position, and it was justifiable. But now that his party appears to be a subsidiary of the misnamed Planned Parenthood, political expediency ranks higher than principle.

Biden has followed that up with what appears to be an apology tour. His boast that he once was able to deal civilly with segregationist senators did not go over well.

A belated apology for that remark over the weekend appears more calculated than sincere.

Not that Biden has cornered that market. Rival Kamala Harris isn’t doing all that well in the credibility department. Having whacked Biden for opposition to federally forced school busing back in the day, Harris later said she wasn’t a busing fan either and suggested that “tool” should be used sparingly, if at all.

Had Hemingway lived today, he could have set his Pamplona, Spain, story right here in the states.

It seems the running of the bull is off to a grand start.