Concord parents should not be surprised that their school board is stonewalling the release of an “independent” investigation into a colossal failure in a teacher sexual misconduct case.

We put “independent” in quotations. How does the public, which pays for these things, know that such an investigation truly happened?

Well, gosh, they have the school board’s word! This is the board that finally put its superintendent on paid leave because of this mess, only to find that her fill-in was not properly certified; and that the district business administrator also lacks proper certification.

According to a school district lawyer, “It’s the school board’s decision that even if the names of the individuals were removed from the report, the other information contained in the report will allow for the identification of school district employees and students who were involved in the investigation.”

It was a brave student, of course, who came forward to blow the whistle on how she was treated by the school district when she first voiced concern against then-teacher Primo Leung, since fired and arrested for indecent assault.

We think the students would be happy to be identified. As for “school district employees,” they are, indeed, public employees, and as such should be identified.

Parent Darlene Gildersleeve stated the obvious Monday night in the wake of the board’s stonewalling.

“There are things the community needs to be made aware of because it’s taxpayer funded and the taxpayers are entitled to that report.”

Join the crowd. Taxpayers from Coos to the sea have been regularly stymied in their efforts to find out anything about misdeeds or incompetence on the part of public employees and how their elected officials deal with them.

It is going to take a lawsuit or a clarification in state law to fix this. Perhaps Darlene Gildersleeve and fellow Concord parents can lead the charge.