Forcing New Hampshire to renumber its highway exit signs or else forfeit “federal” funds is not the worst thing that could happen to us. That happened a long time ago as Washington claimed more and more authority over functions once left to local and state government.

It then had the gall to take a cut of the tax money we send to Washington before returning the remainder to us with specific instructions on its use. It also doles out our money in “grants” that our congressional delegation rushes to announce as if it were manna from Heaven.

It’s not the actual changing of highway exit numbers that we find as objectionable as does Gov. Chris Sununu and others. Either GPS or Aunt Hattie ought to be able to direct us to her house whether it’s Exit 9 or Exit 123.

It’s the principal of the thing that is at issue. Something similar occurred when Gov. Meldrim Thomson was in office in the 1970s. When he discovered that the U.S. Coast Guard was claiming jurisdiction over Lake Winnipesaukee and other bodies of water because they eventually fed into the ocean, Thomson vowed to fight. The feds backed off.

They have also tried to mandate that our motorists wear seat belts and motorcycle helmets, and will no doubt try again.

As for the cost to renumber exit signs, the feds have generously announced that they will pay for most of it. Big of them, to be sure.

There is also the cost to the many businesses that have incorporated a particular exit number into their marketing and branding. What will become of all that?

We have a suggestion. Why doesn’t our Fab Four D.C. delegation add a line to the nearest piece of legislation that excludes New Hampshire from this mandate? We bet President Trump would sign it in a New York minute.