Chris Pappas speaks to supporters after his victory over Republican Eddie Edwards. Pappas was sworn in as U.S. Rep. for New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District Jan. 3, 2019.

U.S. Rep. Chris Pappas has announced his run for reelection.

No, your calendar isn’t off. This is the first weekend in February. Young Mr. Pappas took this office, for the first time, just last month. That’s also when he sent out a fundraising appeal, saying that his reelection isn’t going to be easy.

We hope he is correct. A presumed representative of the people whose first priority is thinking about how to get himself reelected two years from now does not inspire confidence with a lot of voters.

Voters might want a new congressman to actually make some tough votes, perhaps show his independence from party bosses, before asking for more money.

No doubt, Pappas will be signing on to more “get money out of politics” appeals before long.

Between the time we began writing this item and ending it, Pappas had already sent out a second money appeal. No wonder it feels like Groundhog Day.