The State of New Hampshire, following the lead of private enterprise, has a new program in its effort to find state workers. It is worth a try.

As with most businesses these days, it is difficult for the public sector to fill its available job openings. It will offer signing bonuses for new hires and it will offer current employees a $500 spiff for any new hire that a current worker “finds,” providing the new one stays for a minimum period of time.

There is nothing wrong with putting such a program into effect, provided that it is closely monitored and, most important, that the jobs involved are truly needed.

A tough job market can often uncover positions that are not vital or cost-effective for a company. Surely this is a time when state — and local — governments should be carefully assessing the size and effectiveness of their workforce. If a job is vacant for six months, is it really critical or could its duties be rolled into another position?

As for bonuses for existing workers, does the state offer something similar in terms of rewarding employees who find efficient and effective ways to cut costs? That would seem as worthwhile as bringing on more workers.

Friday, June 24, 2022
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Mike Pence rates low with some Americans because he was a loyal vice president to Donald Trump. But in a dark hour and under incredible pressure, Pence put loyalty to his country first and may have saved it in the bargain.

It is Father’s Day and, in the interest of transparency, full disclosure, and all that jazz, let the record show that this writer is a dad.

Fans of the newest federal holiday, Juneteenth by name, are upset that businesses are using it to sell their products. There is something distasteful, it is said, about celebrating the end of American slavery by selling ice cream and toothpicks, among other things.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Trust in our government includes knowing what it is doing wrong as well as right in the name of the public. When government agents fight to keep us in the dark, that trust is clearly weakened.

Happy the Elephant may want to seek a review of the New York court of appeals ruling that has denied her her freedom from the Bronx Zoo. The judicial majority dismissed Happy’s case this week on the grounds that as a “nonhuman animal” she “does not have a legally cognizable right to be at li…

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State education commissioner Frank Edelblut, a repeated source of liberal angst and teacher union agitation, appears not to be shaken by it. He keeps doing his job of trying to bring innovation to education while guarding to keep politics out of the classroom.