Big crowds at big stores is part and parcel of many Christmastime traditions. Nothing wrong with that.

But another holiday touch in recent years is something that takes place just one day a year. This Saturday, Nov. 28, is Small Business Saturday. Many locally owned and operated businesses on Main Streets and Elm Streets across New Hampshire will be participating in this, the 10th year of the tradition.

Shopping local business is a different experience than either doing it in big stores or over the internet. You can actually spend some time poking around and examining the merchandise without feeling hurried.

You can also discover items that you may not have even thought were offered but may be “just right” for Uncle Joe or that hard-to-please sister.

But that’s not even the best part, which is knowing that supporting locally owned businesses supports the local community in ways that others can’t touch.

Being an independent, locally owned business ourselves, that has a special appeal.