We may have some bad news for Manchester kiddies dreaming of extended snow days. We wouldn’t write off new school Superintendent John Goldhardt as a pushover just yet.

Our story last week on his decision to cancel school last Monday noted that Goldhardt’s predecessor didn’t let a little snow cause him to cancel class. But we’re quite sure that Dr. Bolgen Vargas would have made the same call last Monday as Goldhardt did.

Vargas also would have called off school the next day, as did Goldhardt. Approximately 2 feet of snow over two days is extraordinary. Streets were in tougher shape on Tuesday than the day before. Highway crews did all they could do to keep up with the weather.

A school super will be criticized when he cancels or delays school and when he doesn’t. Granite Staters like to complain about the weather, and anyone whose job is at all related to it will be included, for free.