Manchester and several other cities also vote today on the question of sports betting. We think it would be wise for the Queen City to approve the question. But we are not impressed with how the sports-betting plan has progressed thus far.

The public is just now finding out what entities bid on the contract to run the sports-betting programs, which may begin in January.

The bidders were announced only after the state lottery commission chose the two winners. (out of 13). That is an odd and not good way to vet such an important issue. It gives the public little time to find out the pluses and minuses of the winners and losers.

It also gives the perception that the state was hiding something. In fact, that perception is reality in this case. After another RFP (request for proposals) by the state liquor commission ended in a lawsuit, someone decided to change the law to mask the bidders until the state picked a favorite.

We are told this “process” is still being tweaked. We think it ought to be “tweaked” back to the day when all the bets were on the table for all to see.