Gov. Chris Sununu’s letter to state agencies regarding a possible state budget deadlock is a prudent move. The huge gap between his budget and what Democrats want to spend is not going to be easily bridged.

The governor’s warning of a budget veto is no idle threat and taxpayers should do all they can to encourage him to stand firm.

In the meantime, Sununu was wise to let state government heads know now to make contingency plans to make do with an extension of the current budget. They might also be prepared with facts and figures to counter what will no doubt be sob stories and scare tactics from a legislature that appears prepared to reject Sununu’s own budget increases in favor of much bigger spending.

To those department heads who might claim “hardships” under the current budget, Sununu rightly suggested that they have plans ready to re-allocate existing funds.

It has been a cool spring so far, but things may get a lot hotter in June.

Taxpayers should let legislators know they are prepared to weather a few storms.