New Hampshire’s legislative leadership is upset with Gov. Chris Sununu. He has been writing all over the legislative bills he vetoes. Here is one way to make him stop:

Don’t send him outrageous bills that he is sure to reject.

State Senate President Donna Soucy and House Speaker Steve Shurtleff do have a point about historic precedent here. There is only so much space on the formal document symbolizing the passage of legislation. Past governors have appended any veto “message’’ in a separate document.

Having noted Gov. Sununu’s use of a red marker to put a message right on the document, we have wondered whether the next veto will include a smiley face or, heaven forbid, a poop emoji.

To be fair to the governor, he has to our knowledge used his dramatic veto markings just twice, on death penalty repeal and on a direct tax on people’s income to fund mandated “family leave.”

We think he wanted to make sure citizens understood what he was doing. We think they got the message.