No doubt it would have been easier for Gov. Chris Sununu to get Democrats to agree on a new state budget if he had allowed their “family leave” bill to become law. It also would have been wrong.

New Hampshire’s success is due in no small measure to its continued resistance to succumb to big-government interference in the private sector. A government mandate that businesses provide paid leave for employees is the height of liberal political arrogance.

Businesses, especially in today’s competitive environment, know what works for them and for their workers. Many employers do offer such leave in addition to regular vacations. (Larger companies are also required to offer unpaid time through the government-mandated FMLA.)

Many businesses also go beyond government mandates. Our “What’s Working” series last week featured Hannaford Supermarkets’ new plan that provides paid parental leave to many of its workers.

No one that we know of has ever claimed that capitalism and the free market are perfect. But they sure as heck beat nanny state socialism. Gov. Chris Sununu knows that. That’s good for New Hampshire.