As noted here last week, having a police camera to monitor downtown Elm Street doesn’t bother us nearly as much as the way in which it was introduced. As evidenced by Monday’s Union Leader story, there remain more questions than answers.

Neither Police Chief Carl Capano nor the Manchester Police Commission has given any indication that Capano sought commission input or blessing for this move.

He merely informed commissioners at their last meeting.

Judging from our Monday report, neither the police nor city government has any idea how the contents of this camera will be used, preserved, or made available to the public, if at all.

Since this is public property video taping a public street, the contents most certainly should be available to that public.

But that, of course, raises questions as to whether the benefits of such a camera outweigh the risks.

That is a discussion and debate that should have taken place beforehand. It is a discussion that still needs to happen and it is remarkable that neither Mayor Joyce Craig nor the aldermen seem interested in having it.

It is going to be an interesting election year.