Which Democratic presidential candidate will be the first to object to the current costly refurbishment of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.?

Normally, we would give odds on Sen. Elizabeth Warren but she may be a bit sensitive to such topics these days. Sen. Kamala Harris could be expected to play a race card like this. But our money is on Joe Biden.

Biden, after all, caught unshirted hell from the New Left of Left Party for his boast that he could and did get along with noted Southern racist senators back in the day when compromises were sometimes made in order to advance legislation.

The former vice president was this close to being sent to a Left of Left reeducation camp for that apostasy. What better way to recover than to protest the restoration of a monument to an even earlier southern politician who not only kept slaves but may have kept one of them in a family way on more than one occasion?

Okay, Tom Jefferson did write the Declaration of Independence, was a powerful force in the colonies’ fight to break from Britain, was a leading scholar and educator and lawyer, commissioned Lewis and Clark’s expedition, and had a little bit to do with democracy. But what of it?

Joe Biden is in danger of having his “moderate lane” in the new Left of Left Party run over. He should not only demand no funding for the Jefferson Memorial; he should promise that a first executive order in the Biden administration will be the public demolition of the thing. Hell, it’s full of spiders and icky stuff anyway.