The Republicans were once proudly known as the anti-slavery party. If the Democrats keep on their current tack, they will be known not just as the abortion party but the infanticide one.

We think a lot of Democrats actually welcomed the bizarre black-face saga of Virginia’s Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam over the weekend.

It took a lot of the media play away from his statements concerning a liberal abortion bill that would make current late-term abortion law look like child’s play.

One of the sponsors of the bill (since defeated) answered “yes” when asked if her bill would okay the killing of a baby AFTER its delivery.

When Northam was asked about it on a radio program, he said that a baby with severe defects that had somehow survived an abortion attempt could, with the consent of the mother and her doctor, be kept comfortable and left to expire.

Pro-abortionists have been pushing for more and looser “late-term’’ abortion laws at the state level.

They are worried that the U.S. Supreme Court may review its ruling that referenced “viability’’ in a day before ultrasound showed that an unborn baby is, yes, a baby unborn but nonetheless a feeling, living being.

If the abortionist party fails to denounce ANY limits to baby-killing, it may find itself with a new name.