An objection to a Holy Bible that is part of a POW/MIA display at the Manchester V.A. Medical Center is without merit. “Bipartisan” Jeanne Shaheen and the rest of our congressional delegation ought to be linking arms with the Trump administration in opposing this nonsense.

The claim that including a Bible in a “Missing Man Table” display is unconstitutional is laughable, even in this bizarre era. Such displays, found in public places around the country, are historical as much or more so than they are religious.

Including a Bible indicates that, for many prisoners of war, their belief in God helped either get them through their confinement or sustained them when the time came to meet their maker.

In fact, this particular Bible belongs to a Bedford veteran, Herman “Hank” Streitburger.

He was once a POW, in World War II.

He must find it strange and sad that a group called the “Military Religious Freedom Foundation” has found his Bible’s placement so offensive that it has filed a federal suit to get it removed from the display.

As noted above, the true display we would like to see is for our congressional delegation to join with veterans’ groups in intervening to have this ridiculous lawsuit tossed out, and long remembered.