With so much focus right now on mass shootings and how to prevent them, a far more dangerous threat to innocent lives stalks our highways. That would be drunk or drugged drivers.

The frustrating thing is how many of these drivers, having been caught more than once driving drunk or drugged, are still allowed to walk free and be a constant threat to innocent life.

New Hampshire State Police Troop B has released the results of a saturation DWI patrol conducted overnight on the I-93 corridor between Manchester and Salem last weekend. They stopped 96 vehicles, which resulted in seven arrests, 40 citations, and many warnings about hazardous moving violations.

What stood out to us was the individuals who were arrested for driving AFTER license suspension or revocation. These were:

Van Ngoc Dong, 56, of Pembroke, Mass., charged with operating after revocation/suspension; Nelson Hernandez, 21, of Manchester, charged with operating after revocation/suspension subsequent offense; and Alexander Glover, 31, Jamaica Plain, Mass., operating after revocation/suspension.

If their previous actions were serious enough to have their licenses taken away, they should not be driving, period. And if they do, they should be behind bars. But will that happen here?

A State Police news release noted that “New Hampshire has some of the most aggressive impaired driving laws in the country and will use those tools to the fullest extent to make sure our citizens and visitors are safe when operating their vehicles on our roadways.”

Good. Use the tools here and make sure Gov. Chris Sununu demands that Gov. Charlie Baker in Massachusetts does likewise.

Such individuals are a clear and imminent danger to the public. Put them behind bars and give them all the alcohol and abuse counseling they want.

But to keep letting them drive on our highways meets our definition of insanity.