We hope readers consider national columnist Mona Charen’s words elsewhere on this page today. Her takedown of Twitter’s politically-correct nonsense illustrates one way in which this country is going off the rails.

Charen’s topic is Twitter’s censorship of a feminist author who dared question the absurdity surrounding efforts to push transgender issues into the public’s face.

The author, Charen writes, “along with many feminists and some conservatives, resists the trans movement’s efforts to permit people who are born male to enter women’s restrooms, locker rooms, prisons and other environments.”

“This is a live issue,” Charen notes. “In Washington, D.C., women at a downtown health club have retreated to toilet stalls to change clothes since the club now refrains from stopping men who enter the women’s changing room. Who’s to say who belongs where? Wouldn’t want to put a foot wrong in the new gender neutral utopia.”

That proposed “utopia” extends to New Hampshire, where there is now legislation to allow anyone to change their birth certificate from male or female into whatever they please.

This is attempting to alter public records and is as slippery a slope as the insistence of some that there are more than two biological sexes. Adam and Eve, call the office, please.