A bill to introduce “Historic Horse Racing” to New Hampshire sounds interesting but it appears to be more a Trojan horse in at least one respect.

Former longtime state Rep. Neal Kurk raised the alarm in a guest opinion piece on these pages Tuesday.

This “racing” is done via slot machine-style devices. It is supposed to be to the great benefit of New Hampshire charities. It would be offered by operators who run casino-type poker and other games, with a different charity designated to split the proceeds as their turn comes due.

This is nice for the charities, as the operators do all the work. It is also a way for these operators to engage in casino gambling in a state that supposedly doesn’t allow casino gambling.

But Kurk’s question is why the split is so lopsided. He says 75% of the profits go to the operator and less than 9% to the charity.

He also notes that under the proposed legislation (HB 626 and SB 112), there would be no say as to whether a town or city wished to accept such gambling in their community. This is in contrast to the Keno games, for instance. He also questions a provision in the bills that gives exclusivity to a limited number of operators for three years.

That doesn’t sound like a good bet for New Hampshire.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Some cracks are apparently surfacing in the legislative push to junk New Hampshire’s state election system by means of much earlier primary contests (in June instead of September). The goal, proponents have said, is to give challengers a better shot to oust incumbents.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Turning portions of Manchester’s Maple and Beech streets into one-lane roads with bike lanes won’t stop all the maniacs who drive them at outrageous speeds, but it will slow down some of them.

Selectmen have an often thankless job. They must make decisions that are not always popular but without them, towns would have no way to govern themselves apart from the annual town meeting. The latter is a decidedly impractical vehicle for many issues.

Sunday, May 09, 2021

If it hasn’t happened already, a date will soon be set for an audit of certain voting results in Windham from last November’s election. The entire process is to be live-streamed at www.doj.nh.gov so that the public can observe.

Friday, May 07, 2021

Is New Hampshire no longer the Live Free or Die state? When did it become so government-controlling as to dictate what type of drinks may be served at one’s ax-throwing emporium?

Amuri Diole should never have been released from state custody. That he was, and is now charged with a brutal assault and rape mere yards away from the jail that held him, is a travesty of justice and a mastery of finger-pointing.

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

The numbers of minority students in Manchester and Nashua public charter schools (a lower percentage than in other city schools) are neither surprising nor should they be considered discouraging. Charter schools are all about providing innovative alternatives to the traditional public school…