Donald Trump should be happy that U.S. House Democrats are proceeding with their impeachment inquiry. Without that as cover, Trump’s appalling mishandling and mistreatment of America’s Kurdish allies would be even more of a revealing story of his incompetence.

Trump clearly bungled when he effectively green-lighted a Turkish invasion in Northern Syria by announcing the United States was leaving the area.

The overwhelmingly negative reaction, including by his usual toadies in the Republican U.S. Senate, caused Trump at first to babble nonsense about how the Kurds didn’t help us on D-Day at Normandy. He then tried to dismiss what he had started by saying there’s a lot of sand in the Mideast.

ISIS fighters escaping? No problem, Trump said, they are headed for Europe, not America.

No doubt Trump will now demand a Nobel Peace Prize for arranging for Turkey to take a few days off before being handed, with his blessings, the remainder of the tiny Kurdish safe zone from which they sent fighters to help us battle ISIS.

Retired U.S. Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis was one of the few adults in the room when serving as Trump’s Secretary of Defense. Now that he has gone, Trump dismisses him as one of the world’s most overrated generals.

We liked the general’s measured response, at an Al Smith Dinner in New York. He said he earned his spurs on the battlefield while Trump earned his “spurs” in a letter from his doctor.