Vaccination has conservatively saved millions of lives and billions of dollars.

It is a miracle of medicine that has all but eradicated many horrible and deadly diseases.

We recently heard of a bus passenger with measles arriving in Manchester.

This should not be a health emergency, but unfortunately debunked science and online fear mongering has created an unwarranted fear of vaccines.

We have seen cases on the West Coast with measles cropping up in unvaccinated populations.

This is an entirely avoidable situation that seems to happen when we lose our shared memory of how horrible diseases like measles and polio can be.

If you do not remember these things personally, ask your parents or grandparents.

Luckily, here in New Hampshire, we do not allow parents to opt out of vaccinations for their children attending school.

This means New Hampshire’s “herd immunity” is stronger than in states that allow opting out for philosophical objections to vaccination.

That “herd immunity” is important.

When you decide against immunization for yourself or your children it is not just about you.

There are young babies and those with compromised immune systems who cannot be vaccinated.

While a healthy individual may survive a disease, those who cannot be vaccinated are put at higher risk of contracting what is to them a deadly contagion.