We sympathize with Hudson neighbors of the sprawling Green Meadows golf complex, which appears headed for development as a huge warehouse for Amazon and other companies. When the (usually) peaceful sounds of golfers and birds are to be replaced by construction noise and steady traffic, it is not something to look forward to, despite the likely overall tax benefits to the town.

But the development company appears to be following proper procedure and the town planning board appears to be following its rules. Claims of conflict of interest on the board’s part, judging from last week’s public hearing, lack substance.

Opponents of the project also struck out when they asked Gov. Chris Sununu to get involved with issues they have raised. Not surprisingly, the governor declined. He is pro-business, for one thing. Bringing new jobs and tax revenue to New Hampshire are part of his DNA.

What was a bit of a surprise was Sununu telling opponents that “the State of New Hampshire is a local control state and therefore has a limited role in the approval process for the project.”

We understand what he meant: you have local ordinances and planning processes that govern such matters. But localities have such rules and processes only because they have been granted to them by state law. New Hampshire has no “home rule.” If it did, the local opposition to the Northern Pass project, for example, would have spiked that plan long before the state Site Evaluation Committee did so.

Sunday, May 02, 2021

A bill to make public the small list of current New Hampshire police officers who have had credibility issues should not have been necessary. But unanimous passage by the state Senate last week was nonetheless welcome. The House should follow suit.

Friday, April 30, 2021

Listening to President Joe Biden’s congressional speech this week put us in mind of a conservative’s observation about big-government Democrats and their ideology.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina gave the official Republican response to President Biden’s address this week. If the GOP ever hopes to recover from its 2020 losses, it will keep Scott in the spotlight.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Manchester is losing a valued public servant with the resignation of Ward 9 School Board member Arthur Beaudry. He is moving to Somersworth with his family. The Hilltoppers community would be wise to sign him up for something.

It was good to read that Fish and Game Conservation Officer Chris Egan is on the mend from a serious snowmobile accident earlier this year. It’s even better to read that CO Egan is “paying it forward” in appreciation of what others with acute physical problems face down every day.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

There is much wrong with New Hampshire House Bill 544, currently attached to state budget legislation. It would supposedly stop the propagation of such divisive concepts as “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) in public classrooms or in private work spaces.

The Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire was right to oppose HB 544 (see related editorial). Government shouldn’t be telling private companies what they can and cannot address with their employees.

One of the more uplifting moments of World War II happened this day in the spring of 1945. On April 25th in Torgau, Germany, and elsewhere nearby, Soviet and American troops met, cutting remaining German resistance in two. Hitler would take his own life less than a week later in the rubble o…