Durham’s town council has taken a deep breath and backed away from adopting a wholly unenforceable ordinance concerning possession of smoking or vaping materials by those under the age of 21.

Considering this is a college town, one wonders what the council was smoking to even consider such a move.

Did some members spend too long with a peace pipe?

Durham, after all, just commemorated its Indigenous People’s Day.

Deputy Police Chief Rene Kelley blew through the smoke and stated the obvious when he said such an ordinance would be difficult in a town with 12,000 undergrads.

“We have made it quite clear to the town council that it would be nearly impossible to enforce, especially vape materials, and have asked them to consider how enforcing the possession ordinance could clog an already overburdened court schedule,” said Kelley.

The council, however, isn’t finished with trying to flex its role of government as Big Brother. It is considering making it more difficult for small stores to make a living by banning the sale of cigarettes to those under 21.

No doubt that ordinance can be enforced, even though it is, in the words of one UNH alumnus, wrongheaded.

“I don’t think it’s up to the town government to be making these kinds of health choices, especially when this is a college town,” said Daniel Day at a public hearing.

It’s good to see some people are still getting a good education.