EDITOR’S NOTE: In a recent editorial in the Bow Times, publisher Chuck Douglas makes the point about the importance of a single vote and demanding that candidates say where they stand.

By a single vote, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted on May 23 to override Gov. Chris Sununu’s veto of a bill repealing the death penalty. Not surprisingly, Samantha Fox (D), Mary Beth Walz (D) and Gary Woods (D) voted to override.

The two-thirds requirement to override was met by the 247 to 123 vote so this means that any one of our three representatives was the decider on ending our very limited death penalty.

When asked last summer what their position was on death penatly repeal, all three took a dive and would not answer the question. Now the three stealth candidates have spoken but too late for Bow voters to have been informed of their position.

Is this dodge ball game what Bow expects in their candidates? How can voters make an informed choice if someone who wants to represent us will not give their views?

No wonder people feel many politicians are just con artists.

Fox, Walz and Woods meet that test.