We can’t recall what religious references or artifacts were on display at the Wright Museum in Wolfeboro the last time we visited, but we expect there were some. Perhaps the World War II museum can arrange someday to borrow a certain Bible now on display in Manchester.

This gem of a museum turns 25 years old this year and is well worth a visit with friends and family, whether you are a Granite Stater or just visiting. Our correspondent Bea Lewis’ feature this week focused on a new on-loan exhibit from the Smithsonian dealing with the internment of Japanese-Americans (including U.S. citizens) during the war.

That is just a small piece of a museum that can be educational as well as inspirational for young and old. It features not only how life was like for those fighting the war but also how life was like on the home front.

Include the Wright Museum (www.wrightmuseum.org) on your summer trip plans. You won’t be disappointed.