If Gov. Chris Sununu needed no other reason for vetoing the Democrats’ current budget plan, its use of taxpayer funds for abortions would be sufficient.

Even as advances in science show more and more clearly that unborn babies are very much human babies, alive and kicking, the pro-abortionists are pushing their agenda. That is why one sees all the Democratic presidential candidates, including Joe Biden, vowing to repeal the Hyde Amendment.

And it is why New Hampshire’s Democrats are trying to overturn the law here while they have the legislative majority.

For good reason, both the national Hyde Amendment and New Hampshire state law prohibit using tax dollars to pay for abortions. No matter where one stood on the divisive issue, most on either side have long agreed that those who are opposed to abortion should not have their tax money paying for it.

That agreement no longer stands. The Democrats’ state budget proposal would repeal New Hampshire’s law. They would not only spend your tax dollars for abortion-on-demand; they would wildly increase the public funding for Planned Parenthood.

One guess what that Orwellian-named outfit would do with the money.

Anyone who is pro-life ought to be reaching out to urge Gov. Sununu to stand tall on this issue. Any legislator who voted to repeal the death penalty for hardened killers needs to explain how he or she could possibly endorse funding for the taking of innocent life.