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Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Sunday, May 17, 2020

The fiscal good news regarding Manchester’s budget deficit, which is now a surplus, ought to translate into good news for the city’s public swimming and splash pools.

New Hampshire’s Republican Party would pack more power in its rhetorical punches if it saved them for worthy targets. And Democrat Executive Councilor Deb Pignatelli of Nashua ought to think before she tries to get snarky with the Pledge of Allegiance, especially just before Memorial Day weekend.

Monday marks Memorial Day. In one sense, wishing people a “happy” Memorial Day seems as jarring as the fellow who wished his followers a “happy Good Friday” earlier this year.

Three cheers — no, make that four cheers for the Shaker Regional School District in Belmont. In contrast to the frequent reports of added public costs connected with the coronavirus epidemic, the district is reporting that it has saved taxpayers some money.

It is a shame, especially for their loved ones, that New Hampshire’s annual Law Enforcement Memorial ceremony could not be held this year. It was, like many things, a victim of the COVID-19 pandemic.