Abuse of power

To the Editor: A predawn raid with 29 FBI agents armed and armored to the teeth along with national news media invited to attend the “party.”

Later coverage shows the rest of the news media and talking heads happy to see it happening against such a dangerous foe of the country.

Who is this foe the FBI is so afraid to confront? ISIS members, national white hate groups preparing to attack government facilities, Antifa members preparing to attack conservative facilities or people?

We ought to all be relieved that the person captured was a 65-year-old “rich” white man. He (Roger Stone) is accused — “accused” mind you — of having had illicit contacts with a Russian oligarch during the Trump campaign.

Once captured, without incident and without finding any guns or other weapons of mass destruction in the house, the arraigning judge sets a minuscule $250,000 surety bond. The defendant easily posts bond and goes home.

Is the earlier described treatment consistent with our traditional belief systems or have we entered into a new phase of democracy in our country? A new reality where to make a political point we make examples of people instead of following legally established procedures in a manner befitting both the alleged crime and the potential danger to the arresting officers.

We all, regardless of our political views or affiliations, ought to be concerned about this abuse of power and where it can lead us. If one party can use it , why not another?


New London

Peter Rucci

New London