Sue Thomas dismissal

To the Editor: Sue Thomas, head coach of the Bedford girls’ varsity basketball team was summarily terminated Dec. 31. Because New Hampshire is an “at will” employment state, towns can terminate employees any time, for any reason.

Sue Thomas wasn’t any employee. She served on the School Board for 8 years, coached the girls’ varsity basketball team for 10 years, including seven as head coach. Surely, a little “goodwill” could have been given to one of the town’s most dedicated and passionate coaches.

Instead, Sue Thomas was fired without recourse — or even the chance to speak to the team and parents directly about the discord and “culture” on the team.

Although her career record of 151-21 speaks for itself, high school athletics, with coaches like Sue Thomas, teach invaluable life lessons in teamwork, discipline, and resilience. Sure, Sue may be a tough female coach. She required commitment and hard work. After a disappointing loss, she called a practice; a lesson in perseverance.

What lesson has been taught now? That an appropriate method of conflict resolution is staging a boycott or demanding that your parents help fire the coach with no communication? What will happen when faced with a challenging college professor or a demanding boss? Shame on the AD, principal, and parents for allowing this and condoning this “culture” in the New Hampshire sports community.

I would like to thank Sue Thomas for her commitment to women’s sports as a strong coach and role model.



Gail Callahan,