Definitely one and done

To the Editor: I agree with “Another View” of Nov. 9 that Mr. Trump should be one and done. However, my reasons why and the process for how this should happen are completely different.

Mr. Trump, because of your divisiveness our country can only begin to heal once your term ends. It will take years to wash away the stain of your presidency, but we must start somewhere. You don’t just get to walk away on your terms and continue to spew your hateful words and tweets. You don’t get to continue to crow about your imaginary accomplishments. You need to run for reelection and be handed a decisive loss .

You continue to lie to the American people daily. You lie about big things. You lie about little things. Lying is what you do best.

Mr. Trump, you are ill-informed, misinformed, and ignorant on matters critical to your job. But even worse, you have absolutely no desire to learn what is necessary to be President.

You claim to know more about almost any subject than anyone else. The reality is that you don’t. You claimed to have a plan for this problem or that problem. The reality is you never had a plan for anything.

It is said that we elect the President we deserve. While that may be true, it does not mean that you deserve to be President. You don’t, you never have, and because you are unwilling to change you never will.


Bicentennial Drive, Manchester

Anthony Antonico

Bicentennial Drive, Manchester