I have experience

To the Editor: I read with interest the recent opinion piece on my decision to run for Executive Council, which essentially serves as the state’s board of directors. Given that it called into question my experience and motivations, I wanted to provide the voters with the unfiltered facts.

It is a fact that I have experience in business that has prepared me to help our state run more efficiently and effectively. Whether it is bringing biotech manufacturing to the millyard as part of ARMI, helping grow Dyn from less than 20 to almost 500 employees or investing in many local startups, I have learned how to strike deals and hire quality talent.

It is a fact that I have experience in the community that has prepared me to help our state serve more of its citizens more effectively. Whether it was my work with Families in Transition, CityYear, MYPN or StayWorkPlay, I have helped our community make progress on issues like education, homelessness and workforce development.

My father set an example for me as a member of our local school board, a state representative and founder of NHPR. My motivation is simple: follow his lead and volunteer to use the skills I have developed to improve our community.

I worked hard to help create lots of good jobs and build a successful business at Dyn.

It is strange that the Union Leader wants to hold this success against me.

I expect that the readers will actually view this experience as an asset, and I hope that it will help me earn their vote.


Union Street, Manchester

Gray Chynoweth

Union St., Manchester