Invest in the future

To the Editor: I would like to directly address Governor Chris Sununu’s claims that that the best way to keep young people in our state is by creating a “business-friendly climate.”

As a young person who is struggling to live here, I want to tell you the real reasons young people aren’t able to stay and build their lives in our state.

First is HB 1264, a law signed by Governor Sununu last year that takes away the right of out-of-state students to vote in our elections, disenfranchising thousands of student voters.

Sununu passed this law, after originally claiming to “hate it,” and is now set to veto a bill that would restore these voting rights in the coming weeks.

Finally, our young people will bear the full burden of the climate crisis, which threatens to destroy all of the reasons we would choose to stay here, like our local food economy and beautiful natural places.

All of these issues are exactly why our state needs a Green New Deal, to not only stop climate change, but to create good-paying jobs, provide affordable education and training programs, and give our young people access to desperately needed services like health care and public transportation.

If Governor Sununu really cares about keeping young people in our state, then he must take our future and the future of this state seriously.

We want Sununu to pass HB 106 and we want a Green New Deal.

If the state of New Hampshire wants us to stay and invest our lives here, then New Hampshire needs to invest in us and in our futures.