To the Editor:

Dear Rep.-elect Buchanan: Forest Gump said it best, “stupid is as stupid does.”

The only smearing going on in the race for the next secretary of state is being leveled by Mr. Gardner’s opponent.

The town meeting blizzard can be easily resolved by having the legislature give the Secretary of State the statutory authority needed to resolve this dilemma.

The secretaries of state from New Hampshire and Maine served on the voter fraud commission and when they discovered there was no fraud except for dead people voting in Chicago, they were instrumental in shutting down the commission.

Mr. Van Ostern is a capable fundraiser, raising a $200,000-plus war chest, but he remains an empty political opportunistic suit.

Secretary of State Gardner has earned another term.

I would hate to see a non-partisan and competently run office devolve into a partisan battle every two years.


Cambridge Street, Concord

Robert C. Washburn

Cambridge Street, Concord