To the Editor: Big kudos to our legislators in Concord for finally making a level-headed decision that creates real change and a very real future for our state’s children. Governor Sununu, a force of good in Concord, has signed Senate Bill 82, which effectively makes school breakfasts free for low-income students.

This bill makes strides towards ending the cycle of poverty in our state, allowing students to learn and grow to their fullest potential, find success in the classroom, and move on to higher education and higher paying careers. This program will reduce food insecurity in our state and will improve student’s health. Studies show that students who go to class on a full stomach are less tired, retain more information, and are more attentive in class. This is a promising move for families living in poverty and for communities with a large concentration of low-income families and will reach around 7,500 students next year.

With an additional bonus, this bill will be mostly covered by federal reimbursements, preventing strain on taxpayer’s wallets. It is a win for legislators, a win for Governor Sununu, a win for low-income students and families, and a win for everyone state-wide. I have to be honest, it is nice to see some good news taking up the headlines these days.