Abortion is preeminent human rights issue in NH

To the Editor: With the abortion controversy there’s no middle ground or compromise as Dr. Wayne Goldner suggests. It’s a life and death issue that we cannot trivialize, especially since COVID has taught us to cherish life.

Abortion is the preeminent human rights issue of our time. A just and humane society doesn’t tolerate abortion’s violence and discrimination against a whole class of preborn people on the basis of their age, development, size, sex, and location. It doesn’t determine which lives are disposable.

Every person has an inviolable right to life from the moment of fertilization until natural death. Hence the unborn child is worthy of protection.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson cofounded NARAL and peddled deceptive slogans to promote abortion. He personally oversaw the destruction of more than 75,000 innocent babies, “blobs of tissue” until a sonogram showed him a baby recoiling in pain from the abortionist’s instruments. Realizing he was responsible for killing so many human beings, he eventually became pro-life.

When he resigned from NARAL, he poignantly asked, “What if we’ve been wrong?”

Terry Beatley co-opted that question for her book, which discusses her interview with a dying Nathanson. He urged her to tell the truth to everyone, to stop the violence and share his legacy of Love.

Women deserve better than the violence of abortion. Let’s dedicate our time and resources towards offering mothers real solutions to help them and their babies live. Let’s support pregnancy care centers and homes like St. Gianna’s Place. Let’s love them both.



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