Abortion limits are out of whack with the ‘Live free or die’ ethos

To the Editor: New Hampshire pushes the importance of individual freedom. Our motto is literally “Live free or die.” As a young college student hoping to have children in the future, I am horrified at the budget’s ban on abortion later in pregnancy. This ban threatens the reproductive rights and freedom of young people in New Hampshire. We must oppose this budget to make sure that our futures remain our own.

The language of this abortion ban is incredibly alarming. It bans abortion at 24 weeks with no exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the fetus. This ban practically eliminates any options for pregnant individuals going through unimaginable suffering. The blatant disregard for unforeseen circumstances during pregnancy is a direct attack on reproductive rights and one’s future aspirations. It is frightening that lawmakers could make important medical decisions that directly impact my future.

Young people in New Hampshire need to oppose this budget. This ban eliminates the Granite Stater’s right to “live free.” When I decide to have children in the future, I want it to be my own decision, not a lawmaker’s. I urge Governor Chris Sununu to veto this budget to ensure that all New Hampshire citizens keep their individual freedoms and reproductive rights.


Megan Drive, Manchester

Thursday, July 29, 2021
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