To the Editor: Democrats Dan Feltes and Doug Ley want to increase your taxes by at least 12.5%. So it takes astounding temerity for them to call out Gov. Sununu’s budget veto in an op-ed over Independence Day weekend.

”We don’t live in a monarchy,” they say.

Indeed, we do not. Need I remind them why we celebrate secession from the British Crown? Hint: We don’t like taxes.

“Do your job,” they say, but what about theirs? Is their job to decimate New Hampshire’s thriving economy? Is their job to create a devastating budget deficit, like the $800 million hole Democrats created last time they had power? Is their job to implement anti-American socialist policies, and an income tax?

Don’t be fooled by Democrats’ spin and lies, their repeated rhetoric about “corporate handouts.” Here’s the truth about their budget, it:

Spends half a Billion dollars more than Sununu’s;

Imposes immediate business tax increases on all NH small businesses--that’s on you, your friends, and neighbors’ businesses that employ the majority of Granite Staters;

Creates a dangerous structural budget deficit in 2020-21 with expenditures exceeding revenues by $134M;

Moves occupational licensing revenue into the General Fund, proving these fees are already too high;

Authorizes taxpayer funding for abortions (surely we can all agree no one should be forced to pay for someone else’s abortion?).

Sununu was right to veto the Democrats’ budget. Let’s keep New Hampshire awesome by keeping it free of Feltes' and Ley’s deathly socialist policies embedded in this unsustainable budget.


Hooksett Road, Manchester