Longtime reporter backing Klobuchar

To the Editor: During the three decades I covered New Hampshire’s Statehouse for The Associated Press, I learned two important lessons very early: public policy solutions last longest with buy-in from the most people possible of all political persuasions; and there is no single, right answer.

In looking for a presidential candidate to endorse, I sought someone with experience forging compromises across party and ideological lines, who takes a realistic approach to implementing new policies and who has a sense of humor — especially about him or herself to show the temperament to handle criticism.

That describes Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s accomplishments, attitude and character.

I especially like that Senator Klobuchar refuses to make unattainable promises and has worked across the aisle to enact legislation.

She supports tax reform, but does not demonize Wall Street or billionaires for following rules Congress set.

She pledges to tackle issues like college affordability without promising to make taxpayers wipe out student loan debt.

She proposes making health care and prescription drugs more affordable by improving not eliminating the current insurance system.

Amy Klobuchar has my wholehearted support for President.

I urge you also to consider her as someone who will represent all of us moving forward.