Barring evictions was wrong

To the Editor: These are difficult times that we are living in and there are many who are struggling to make ends meet. We can all empathize with those who are unable to pay their rent during these times.

There are resources available to help those who are struggling; however, some of those who fail to pay rent also neglect to apply for the resources that are available. Authorities and renters are unlawfully leaving all of the responsibility to the landlords. Landlords should not have to chase down rent payments. Many landlords never get back the rent payments that are owed to them.

The days of all rental property owners being wealthy are over. There are many hard-working individuals who choose to invest in rental properties, and owning a rental property is not necessarily an indication of wealth. Many landlords are simply not in a position to be able to take care of the needs of those who are living in their rents nor should they be required to do so.

It is unlawful for those in authority to force landlords to allow tenants to remain in a rent when they have violated their rental agreement. If authorities are going to nullify the lease, the responsibility of the rental payment should then belong to those who made the decision. The legal fees to fight these cases are a deterrent to fighting for justice. How these cases are handled must be reconsidered if justice is to be achieved. Stop taking advantage of landlords.



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