Bedford misconceptions

To the Editor: There are some gross misconceptions circulating in Bedford about new zoning laws proposed by concerned residents and passed in March.

Some residents are spreading rumors that this new zoning is the “cause” for two new project proposals which ask for permission to build hundreds of apartments along the river corridor.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Market and Main project originally applied for office and retail space, including restaurants and a cinema, with some apartments.

Because developers failed to get commitments for those businesses, they are asking to switch to apartments only, probably based on the rumors they’d be allowed. (Planning Board Oct. 7)

The second proposal also requests a large number of apartments near the same area.

An individual who spoke before the Oct. 10 Town Council meeting seemed to be perpetuating these rumors by falsely blaming the authors of the new zoning, while at the same time, contradicting himself by conflating these projects with the need for “workforce housing.”

The bottom line is, workforce housing refers to reduced-price apartments which are allowed wherever apartments are allowed.

But the town’s new zoning laws limit, rather than expand, the number of apartment units that can be built in the performance zone.

Contrary to the commenter’s assertion, these two above-mentioned plans are “about to happen,” the planning board need only to abide by the current zoning rules to prevent flooding the town with too many apartments, regardless of the cost of the units.

Workforce housing has no bearing on the issue at hand.