Betty White’s repose

To the Editor: Betty White’s death feels like a nasty sucker punch to a rough year that has already had us down on one knee. Betty was a national treasure that we all adored. Can you name anyone who hated her? She made us laugh and smile. We admired her wit and tenacity. She spent her life working amongst legends only to pass them all. Absent from her was the vanity and narcissism that graces so many of Hollywood’s elite. Between COVID, politics, and the economy, we all have been through so much. Why did she have to go this year? What the hell 2021?

Why this year? Because it is a good thing. 2021 wasn’t going to be remembered fondly anyway. Americans are filled with despair while we are at each other’s throats. Brotherly love, an antiquated concept. Mistrust is rampant in our lives. Had she died a few days later it would have set a dark ominous tone for 2022.

Now we get the chance to start 2022 off by celebrating the life of a wonderful woman who brought light and laughter into our lives. We can come together over our shared love for this woman. Perhaps even laugh again with estranged friends. Something special would be needed to reunite us. Betty was something special. Maybe through her, we can remember that we are all Americans, that my neighbor is not my enemy. So tomorrow I shall laugh and smile, not for our golden girl.