To the Editor: As someone who has been helped many times by our EMTs and Police I am concerned that their services are already being stretched above capacity. I am not comfortable with the idea that they may not have the resources to meet Bedford’s increasing needs.

It is for this reason we must elect people to town boards who will consider this carefully when planning for future development.

Anyone can cite a litany of potential projects for the town, but in what manner will these are undertaken? We believe the best approach is that all projects must be taken on according to priority of “need” and only then, on the condition of affordability.

In addition to being able to recognize “needs vs. wants” with regard to spending your tax dollars, Bill Carter loves Bedford and wants to preserve our hometown’s look and feel. He would be a voice for common sense when it comes to spending and development, and represent us well.

Please vote for Bill Carter for Bedford Town Council on March 10.

Jane A. Aitken


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To the Editor: Having moved to New Hampshire from Miami two years ago, I was proud of the response of the citizens of this great state to the COVID-19 virus and now we are better off for it. Things are not great, and there is pain and suffering for sure, but compared to other states, y’all c…

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