Budget defends state’s most vulnerable citizens

To the Editor: Protecting the lives of our children is an act Democrats see as radical but one most women call instinctual. Up until recently, New Hampshire was one of the few states left with no protections to shield babies from abortion up until the day of their birth. Our budget provided the most vulnerable with a level of defense they’ve never known and it’s long overdue.

To the pro-women who see this protection as an extreme move by our state leadership, I implore you to look at the current legislation within Democrat states such as MA and NY — you’ll see this type of pro-life push not only matches the laws of 43 other states but is overwhelmingly in agreement with the sentiment of Americans who oppose late-term abortions. In fact, the United States is one of only a few developed countries that allow late-term abortions (on or after 5 months) to occur. This is the stage of development where a child feels pain, hears sounds, and sees light.

When we talk about rights, we have to talk about the rights of all people. You can support the mother and the child. More so, we protect the dignity of both by providing mothers with accurate information and ensuring they are received with support and empowerment instead of criticism and fear. This budget will protect New Hampshire’s children thanks to the efforts of Governor Chris Sununu and strong Republican leadership.


Whitford Street, Manchester

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To the Editor: On Tuesday we have an opportunity to make a positive change for our city. We can alternate out the positions of the aldermen at large by replacing the current members with two new people who have demonstrated a lifetime of dedication to this city.

To the Editor: Have you ever seen a dairy farmer protest the drinking of milk? No, that would be ridiculous. Have you ever seen a ski instructor protesting the wearing of gloves, no because that would be ridiculous. I was a witness to protesters working in healthcare protesting vaccinations …