Protect public schools

To the Editor: Some charter schools are more similar to private than public schools. There are ways to advantage admission. For some, having a parent on the governing board, or one employed at the school and/or having a sibling enrolled, ensures admittance. Free of charge bus transportation may be available if the charter school is in child’s school district, otherwise parents need to make arrangements.

Data can be useful, such as the number qualified for lunch subsidies as noted in recent article. Less popular schools may be more of a revolving door for students who need smaller class size, but ultimately require more services than are provided at a charter school. Beginning and end-of-year enrollment numbers are reported, but do not reflect the number of pupils who leave before June or only stay a short time.

There is little innovation that is not also happening in some public schools, such as STEAM focused curriculum. Please carefully review the schools’ websites as well as state Department of Education data and note these points. New Hampshire needs to fully support our public schools and not siphon dollars to these de facto private schools with subsidies and vouchers.