China didn’t control virus, they let it spread

To the Editor: I do not normally respond to a letter from other folks. Recently a reader opined on the fact that China did a much better job controlling the virus than the U.S. adding that the president was responsible for the horrific statistics in this country.

We forget that China and the WHO denying human-to-human transfer was the story in January. Meanwhile, no travel within China from the affected province was allowed while international flights took place with no restrictions. The president then put a travel ban in place from China to the U.S. We then put a ban on trips from Europe after it was revealed travelers from China were coming from Europe.

In the meantime, China scooped up as much protective equipment as was available, the resulting price-gouging profiting the Chinese government. I don’t call that control, I call it criminal. We can disagree on the plan to shelter in place and the overreach of some governments, but it is obvious that the Chinese government was responsible for the world-wide spread.


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