Christians back Trump for fighting for them

To the Editor: The Rev. Stephen Edington has it wrong in his op-ed, “The Trump phenomenon.” Conservative Christians are less interested in President Donald Trump’s personal piety and more concerned with what he has done.

Trump has spoken up for the unborn, cut funding from Planned Parenthood, prevented U.S. funds from being used to abort children in other countries, and appointed judges who respect human life and the U.S. Constitution. The president is also trying to protect the rights of Christian individuals and institutions that believe what Christ taught about marriage.

Nice-guy Joe Biden will fight for free on-demand abortion through nine months, as well as partial-birth abortion. He announced that there is “no room for compromise on transgender rights,” which means he will force Christian doctors and nurses to perform hysterectomies and double-mastectomies on healthy girls and women, and force Christian schools and colleges to pretend that men are women, even in dormitories, locker rooms, and on the sports fields. He will enable gender ideologues and quack physicians to fast track gender-confused teens, who have been caught up in a social media craze, through a series of irreversible medical and surgical mutilations, even over their parents’ objections.

Neither Biden nor Trump have sterling reputations, but that’s not the issue. Progressives hate Trump because he stands in the way of a totalitarian ideology that has no room for traditional Christianity, which they see as a vestige of an outdated white colonial patriarchy. Christians are fighting for their survival.


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