Fur coat isn’t a prize NH can be very proud of

To the Editor: This coming Saturday, May 1, marks another year that the Miss New Hampshire Scholarship Program, Inc. will be giving the winner a fur coat. Notice in the organization name that they’re emphasizing this pageant as a scholarship program rather than a beauty contest. And yet they are providing a fur coat to the winner, which is an outdated beauty and status symbol that has nothing to do with scholarship. But this coat has everything to do with cruelty toward innocent animals.

This coat is made from the fur of animals trapped here in New Hampshire. These are red and gray fox whose populations are being decimated by uncontrolled trapping. Over a dozen animals are sacrificed to make just one coat.

There is ample scientific evidence, generated by the state Fish and Game Department biologists, showing that fox populations have been declining at a precipitous rate over the past decade, and yet the New Hampshire Fish and Game commissioners don’t see their way to curbing this slaughter. At their meeting last week they voted to maintain the existing high rates of killing of these over-trapped foxes.

The Miss New Hampshire contestants aren’t demanding a fur coat for a prize because fur coats aren’t on the minds of young women today. Even Saks Fifth Avenue just announced that it will no longer sell fur. It’s the executives of the Miss NH program and the New Hampshire Trappers Association who are promoting this prize. It is time to stop this awful tradition.



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